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Dyson came into existence after a frustrated James Dyson was pulling apart his vacuum at home to find out why it was not working properly. What he discovered lead to him basically re-inventing the 'wheel' so to speak.

Dyson introduced the world to cyclonic technology by creating a series of powerful and energy efficient vaccums and hand dryers; and have completely revolutionised hand dryers and their impact on society around the world.

Instead of creating hand dryers to fit within the specifications of the bathroom, they created hand dryers to meet the user’s needs and expectations without compromising the bathrooms specifications or designed the hand dryers and their impact on society around the world.

Take Dyson’s Airblade range, for example, they renowned for their strength and speed drying hands from 10 - 12 seconds and are up to 50% quieter than the average hand dryer saving you more money on your energy bill and reducing the need for paper hand towels. 

The Dyson Airblade collection meets market demands to produce more environmentally-friendly, hygienic, fast hand dryers with a sensor capability, so you no longer need to touch the hand dryers improving hygiene and cleanliness in commercial bathrooms.

Dyson Air Blades dominate the market because they are trusted for their high quality and contribution to improving the over personal health and hygiene in commercial restrooms across the globe.

Thehy have also created the Airblade hand dryer tap, which again dries your hand within 12 seconds, but because it is mounted in the sink, the user can wash and dry their hands at the sink reducing mess from water in the bathroom and is still more economical than generic paper towels. 

Today, over 65 countries use Dyson products in both commercial and residential spaces and Dyson continues to expand its new product range regularly as technology improves.

We are a trusted B2B Dyson supplier of the Air Blade collection and have new products coming into our warehouse daily. At Washroom Accessories, we sell our Dyson products at the best possible price and we are so confident that you won’t find a better deal on Dyson that if you do, we will price match it!

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    50% quieter with a 10 second drying time!
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