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No Rinse Floor Cleaner

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Product Information

Item Number - 2102300 and 2102300-1

Looking for Jasol Pegulan Cleaner?
Unfortunately Pegulan is discontinued but this is the closest replacement product!

Key Features -

* No rinse floor cleaner.
* Specially formulated for use in areas where a high gloss metal-interlock floor finish is.
* Areas include hospital rooms, schools, commercial and industrial establishments.
* Formulation improves the appreance of the floor finish while cleaning.

Directions For Use -

Light Cleaning using hand mop or floor machines dilute no-rinse floor cleaner concentrate 1:40 in hot or cold water. For light cleaning using automatic scrubber dilute concentrate 1:50 in hot or cold water. For optimum economy and performance using any of the above methods experimentation with dilution ratios from 1:20 to 1:50 (50 to 20mL.L) is recommended.

Product Data -

* Quantity - 3 x 5 litres and 5 litres
* Colour - Yellow Liquid


Code Size Dimensions Weight Colours
2102300-1 5 litre 0.00 (kgs) Yellow

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5 litre Yellow


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