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Jdmacdonald Hand Dryers


JD MACDONALD is famously known for their high-quality Australian-made hand dryers.

But did you know, they also supply a huge range of bathroom accessories that are contemporary, practical, and functional and fit with all bathroom designs? Well, they do! JD MACDONALD not only supplies beautifully designed, powerful and sleek electric hand dryers, but they offer a range of stainless steel bathroom accessories that are easy to install, maintain and clean including soap dispenser, hand towel dispenser, combination units, toilet roll holders, bins and so much more! Include?

Scroll through the extensive product catalogue and you will notice that you will be able to complete your whole bathroom design with JD MACDONALD products! They have practically every fixture and fitting covered starting from the, famous, electric hand dryer such as the Autobeam and Applause are ranges that will still be drying hands for years to come through to the easy-to-install interlock stainless mirror. 

They offer a broad range of stylised hooks, from the single hang hook to the multiple towel or bag hooks perfect to fit on any door or wall.

JD MACDONALD have also moved into producing baby change tables for parent rooms. Their range of baby change tables are compact and can either be recessed or surface mounted depending on your need. They have added another touch to the baby care range and offer baby change table liners that are suitable for all JD MACDONALD baby change models.

Need some help around the office, bathroom or home? JD MACDONALD have a extensive range of easy living solutions with their grab rail range helping to keep you mobile and independent.

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